Thursday, August 17, 2017

17/08/2017 A visit to Chateau de la Mercerie and lunch at nearby Villebois-Lavalette.

Maximum temperature 27C, minimum 14C.   7 km/h NE wind with 24 km/h gusts.  Dry.
We visited with a group and had an English speaking Tour guide...

It has an interesting history, though not a long one compared with most French Chateaux. Building only commenced in 1939, due to family deaths and other problems, the building never got completely finished.  The local village agreed though that it should be restored and much of the work is being done by friends, locals and retired workman for free.

As seen from the car park...

Walking up the hill...

Taken through one of the windows, this part is not on the tour.

Our fabulous and amusing tour guide.

The place was built by two brothers, One interested in architecture, and the other in art in the form of paintings and statues.  Most of the good artwork was sold off  when money ran out, (sigh) but there is still plenty that could not be moved and remains.  Certainly well worth a visit.

The ceiling of the above room.

The bedroom, but it seems the room was never actually used as such!

The story goes, this lady reported the two men who crept up behind her and made terrible suggestions, they were both hung for there sins!!
I have many more photos which I may put on tomorrow as I am hoping to get some gardening done and there will be little time for photos.

We then all went to Villebois-Lavalette for lunch, this is the covered market where the restaurant serves its meals.

A great meal with excellent company.

 Here is a taster of the dessert :-)

Looking up the hill from the market to the Church.
I blogged about the whole town much earlier Here and Here. It is a spectacular place.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

16/08/2017 A few quick emergency shots in the garden. We have been running around, gardening and grass cutting.

Maximum temperature 27C, minimum 14C.   10 km/h NE wind with 30 km/h gusts.  1 mm rain measured this morning.
Three different Calendulas all next to each other...

as above...

as above.

Comma Butterfly (Polygonia c-album)

Common Wall Lizard (Podarcis muralis)

Gatekeeper Female (Pyronia tithonus)

Thirsty bees.

and a wasp sunbathing!

A bumble bee seems happy on this fading zinnia flower.

Having just picked the beans this Small Copper (Lycaena phlaeas)came to investigate.

Californian poppy.


I am soon going to have my time cut out in the kitchen, the quince tree is loaded!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

15/08/2017 Short on photos today, been busy in the kitchen and garden.

Maximum temperature 23C, minimum 15C.   5 km/h NE wind with 14 km/h gusts.  Dry.
Few surviving sunflowers around now...

The smiling face has drooped...

It looks like the birds have been eating this one...

and another one smiling.

First picking of haricot beans...

Tomatoes and Parsnips...

This pumpkin is in a bit early but the stem snapped!

I made a carrot and pineapple cake...

and a tomato tart for dinner tonight.
Wish you were here Gaelyn you would have enjoyed this :-)

Monday, August 14, 2017

14/08/2017 Been out almost all day, photos taken from the car so lots of reflection in places! Back to nature tomorrow!

Maximum temperature 23C, minimum 15C.   5 km/h NE wind with 14 km/h gusts.  Dry.
I just love all the forest areas we drove through today.

Mortemart - We have decided that this is a place we will visit, lots of history and one of Frances most beautiful villages so it seems

If you have not heard about this place and its terrible story I have written about it here

Limoges in the distance, a town famous for its pottery amongst other things

Getting closer.

One of the largest university hospitals in the country I believe.

Winding roads and trees :-) looking for somewhere to buy a lunchtime snack, but all the ones we had previously looked up were closed!

Warning that further down the road is a tractor mowing the sides of the road.

On our way home we stopped at Leclerc in Saint Junien to shop.  Not my best idea, they are changing the whole shop around, so finding anything was very difficult in a shop that we do not use normally anyway!

Just look at all those trees :-)

Back in Chasseneuil this little shop sells leather-goods, haberdashery and gifts.

The shoe shop next door, see the shoe boxes piled up painted on the wall next to the yellow door.  (The latter was for Pam :-))

Sunday, August 13, 2017

13/08/2017 Home and away.

Maximum temperature 23C, minimum 15C.   5 km/h NE wind with 14 km/h gusts.  Dry.
Sparrow happily splashing around...

but this miserable blackbird chased her away...

so three sparrows went further away to have fun...

splish splash...

when who comes along again and spoils it all!!!

Sparrow looking on from a higher point.

Away - just down the road twins are at the milk bar...

while a younger loner looks on.

 Fritillary (Melitaea family) but I have no idea which one it is.

Jersey Tiger moth.

Unknown moth!!

As above.

Poppies and bug.

Possibly a small white butterfly but this seemed smaller than normal!!