Wednesday, September 28, 2016

28/09/2016 Wildlife in the garden, plus a couple of others!

Maximum temperature 26C, minimum 11C. 9 km/h SE wind. Dry.
Green Lizard, Lacerta viridis ...

He posed so beautifully for me.

Buzzing in the Topinambour flowers...

Think this is a  hover-fly

as above.

Moth which I am not even going to try and identify.

Sternbergia lutea. 

Last but not least our supply of winter food in the garden!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

27/09/2016 Out for a cycle ride with Nigel and a couple of photos through the window. I was busy in the kitchen today!

Maximum temperature 25C, minimum 9C. 10 km/h NE wind. Dry.
Bye bye sunflowers.

The road to La Vaure.

A shady lane.

A bumpy road on a bike! 

View with Les Frauds in the distance.

Virginia Creeper in its autumn dress.

Mr Sparrow.

Mrs Sparrow.

Eurasian Collared-Dove.

Common Lizard.

Figs and tomatoes in the dehydrator.

Monday, September 26, 2016

26/09/2016 A trip into the local town.

Maximum temperature 23C, minimum 9C. 11 km/h NE wind. Dry. 
Two way road....

not much room.

We stopped at the dechetterie, (recycling). Always so clean and tidy.

A wooden carving peering out from the shrubs!

The parish church of Saint-Saturnin from the XII century. 

The local town hall and Mairie.  Not sure when this was built, but the first mayor that I can track down was in 1899.  The building has just been cleaned and is looking wonderful.

The local railway station has also just been restored.

I was impressed with myself last night - this courgette souffle looked and tasted amazing :-)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

25/09/2016 Busy on my other blog so photos again at a minimum.

Maximum temperature 23C, minimum 10C. 47 km/h SE wind. Dry. Well we had about 6 drops that did not get near the rain gauge!

Common Lizard.


The shepherd and his sheep.

I have filled the water 3 times today!!!

and my other blog of My Life Before the Charente.  Loved this photo of my Mum.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

24/09/2016 Photos at a minimum today!

Maximum temperature 28C, minimum 10C. 52 km/h SE wind. Dry.
Sternbergia lutea, the winter daffodil, autumn crocus.


Rose hip.

Friday, September 23, 2016

23/09/2016 Out for lunch at a new restaurant for us.

Maximum temperature 25C, minimum 11C. 11 km/h NE wind. Dry.
Just down the road someone is repairing their roof.

The road to Angouleme, but if fact we were turning off to Gond-Pontourve

 Hotel/Restaurant Le Moulin NeufGond-Pontouvre

The Bar.

La Touvre....

As above, not a lot of water at this time of the year....

As above.

Duck was not on the menu!  There were several though swimming around and keeping watch.

Amuse-Bouche,  Lentil veloute and tomato creme.

Starter - I had Joue de boeuf and salade, Nigel had parsnip and sweet potato soup.

Main course - we both had Sword fish.

Dessert, - we also both had baked apple and ice cream.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

22/09/2016 Feathered friends and a couple of photos from Nigel's cycle ride.

Maximum temperature 25C, minimum 10C. 14 km/h SE wind. Dry.
We have not seen a robin all summer and suddenly it has appeared again for its winter stop over.

As above.

The Blue Tits also disappear during summer...

Oops not much water in there...

And the Great Tit is also complaining it seems.

Lantern des Morts at Cellefrouin. 

The old and the new!!

La Tache.