Wednesday, December 7, 2016

07/12/2016 Hellebore and the new compost bins!!!! (The latter is really just for the record.)

Maximum temperature 17C, minimum 6C. 19 km/h SW wind.   No rain.
The Hellebore has finally opened. Glad we got to see it before we leave.

The compost bins before....

Phase 2 - the light coloured one (which was falling apart) removed and the black ones moved...

Treated wood delivered to build 3 new bins...

Putting together....

and now all 3 in working order and full of leaves.  The front slats slide out for easy compost turning and removal.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

06/12/2016 Just a couple of photos taken while en route to scrabble, now on our way out again!!!

Maximum temperature 17C, minimum 6C. 19 km/h SW wind.   No rain.
A whole lot of bull:-)

The village where we played scrabble this afternoon.

Monday, December 5, 2016

05/12/2016 A little of today and some of yesterday

Maximum temperature 16C, minimum 6C. 49 km/h SW wind.   No rain.

I am have endless problems with Google freezing and having to retype and reboot, so please forgive me if I miss some days on my blog.  I will be away from 12 December until January minus a computer, so again there will in all likelihood be a break except for the odd photo that may get loaded via my Nexus 10 (similar to an iPad)
Our very shy little Dunnock....

Photos taken through the window, 

The roses have not given up yet....

as above.

The quad bikes returning from a rally yesterday...

one parked by the church...

and the repas (luncheon) afterwards all in aid of AFMTelethon.  It is a charitable event organised against Myopathies (AFM) to finance research projects on genetic diseases neuromuscular primarily, but also other rare genetic diseases.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Saturday, December 3, 2016

03/12/2016 A few rushed photos of cars. Short on time today!

Maximum temperature 12C, minimum -2C. 25km/h SE wind.  Frost and ice this morning but no rain.
Shopping at Leclerc, the Christmas decorations are up....

and at the other end of the car park there was a car rally ready to leave,  I took quite a lot of photos but here are just a few.
Alfa Romeo Guilia Spyder.

Jaguar XJS, Porsche 996, Ferrari.

Porsche 914

Porsche Boxster.

Porsche GT3 RS....

Obviously used for racing as it has a roll-bar. 

Saab 96

All lined up; a Caterham on the far left...

and an unknown American car on the far right!

Friday, December 2, 2016

02/12/16 Around and about

Maximum temperature 12C, minimum -2C. 26km/h NE wind.  Frost this morning but no rain.
Winter wheat stretching across in the distance.

Tree full of mistletoe.

Mistletoe close up

Common buzzard.

A rare green fern, most are already brown and dormant waiting for spring.

A very Christmas like fir tree.

On someones gate post - the gardening duck :)

Yet another inquisitive sheep!

There are a lot of old tractors still at work in this area.

Red Admiral looking a little the worse for wear but amazing seeing them in December.

The rose is still surviving despite this mornings frost.

Not sure what this is, I have blown up the flower and added to the corner in case someone should recognise it.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

01/12/2016 Wow I can hardly believe it, December already! Out for a short walk while the sun shines.

Maximum temperature 13C,minimum 0C. 20km/h NE wind.  
A pair of horses who were not in the slightest bit interested in me!

Grapes still to be pruned.

Inquisitive cattle.

Winter wood pile, guess they think it is going to be cold!

Dandelion family I think.

Mossy Rose gall -  are the homes of a wasp named Diplolepis rosae

Red Admiral, not bad for December.

A bee and a fly on the ivy flower.

Just loved the colour of these trees.

Compost ready for spreading and winter wheat in the background.

Am I that interesting?
There must be at least 60 ewes in this field and all pregnant by the look of it.  Hard work for the single farmer who owns them when the time comes.