Friday, October 20, 2017

20/10/2017 Overcast and no bugs around! The garden seems to have got confused with the weather though.

Maximum temperature 20C, minimum 14C.  14 km/h Southerly winds, 28 km/h gusts. 1 mm of rain measured over night.
Choisya ternata, think this is the third time this has flowered this year!


The Azalea is in bud...

and so is the camellia.

Marigolds in flower...

and a petunia.

I think this is a hoverfly, the only bug I saw today on the flowering fennel.

Eurasian Collared-Doves (Streptopelia decaocto)

Wood pigeon (Columba palumbus)

All the pumpkins have been harvested, but the plants which are still there are flowering again!!

Common speedwell flowering in the lawn!

I was too late for the sunset it vanished as I took this photo.

For those following our South African holiday, Part 6 is now online HERE

Thursday, October 19, 2017

19/10/2017 The club repas (luncheon) today so most of the day was taken up!!

Maximum temperature 20C, minimum 13C.  15 km/h Southerly winds, 29 km/h gusts. 11 mm of rain measured over night.
Arriving at the Salle Communale....

for the autumn luncheon...

Good job the meal is spread out over 4 to 5 hours....

Finding a seat...

The table settings...

Potage Maison - Literally homemade soup of the day...

Perch with sorrel sauce - we were all saying we were full by the end of the fish course!!..

Then came the guinea fowl, with beans wrapped in bacon and we never established what the third part of the meal was.  Onion cake ???? It tasted good whatever it was.  Girolles is the mushroom for those who are lost with the French on the menu.

Cheese and salad, and of course French bread throughout the meal....

Blueberry tart with sorbet and coffee to finish off with.  Of course no shortage of wine on the table!...

Back home at 5 pm a quick walk in the garden and I discovered this bumblebee...

Catkins on the hazel nut tree....

A somewhat bedraggled red admiral butterfly  (Vanessa atalanta)...

and one lone bud on the climbing rose.

For those following our South African holiday, Part 6 is now online HERE

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

18/10/2017 Just around the garden

Maximum temperature 24C, minimum 15C.  8 km/h SE winds, 28 km/h gusts. Dry so far but rain forecast for later.
Speckled wood ( Pararge aegeria)

Our garden bench.


Our neighbours Sumac tree.  Great colours, but we spend our life killing all the young trees that come up all over our lawn!!!!!  Grrrrrr.

Christmas cactus.

The only photogenic bird around today!!  Checking the sky here for maybe sparrow hawks...

taking a drink...

but preferring the stone ashtray to take a bath...

as above...

That feels better 😉

For those following our South African holiday, Part 6 is now online HERE

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

17/10/2017 A walk in the garden. Post up early today as we are going out this evening to friends.

Maximum temperature 24C, minimum 14C.  14 km/h SE winds, 35 km/h gusts. Dry.

Forecast says rain tomorrow at 5pm I wonder if it will be right on time!!
Wish we knew someone with pigs, so many acorns!!

Bee on the viburnum.

The bay tree has buds on it !
We nearly lost this shrub a few winters back when we had heavy snow.  Hope it is now big enough to cope if it should happen again.

Bumble bee on one of the zinnias.


as above.

Still a few figs on the trees.

Pampas grass.

Rosemary blossom.

Speckled Wood (Pararge aegeria)

For those following our South African holiday Part 6 went on line today HERE

Monday, October 16, 2017

16/10/2017 A day for the birds!!!

Maximum temperature 27C, minimum 15C.  5 km/h SE winds, 24 km/h gusts. Dry.

The temperatures are due to drop tomorrow and the rain returns on Wednesday
Mr Blackbird (Turdus merula)...

He got no further than paddling ....

when along came Mr Sparrow  (Passer domesticus)

who he chased away in no uncertain manner!

A questioning look?

I planted pansies in this pot, they are no more!

Blue tit acrobatics (Cyanistes caeruleus)

Back to normal.

Great Tit stretching (Parus major) ....

and just looking around.

and the secretive Dunnock looking over the top (Prunella modularis).  I seldom see this little bird as it hides in the bushes most of the time.