Monday, March 27, 2017

27/03/2017 Yesterday's post today!!!! Sorry by the time we got home after a long lunch yesterday the blog was not on the menu!

Maximum temperature 19C, minimum 3C.  17 kmh NSW wind with 29 km/h gusts. Dry.
Meal for the Seniors, putting it politely!   Every year we have a meal for the local people over 60, organised by our commune.  As you can guess it is very popular 

Just to give you a taste!!

The table settings. Note the glass to the right back - aperitif was a choice of pineau, pastis or J &B, I decided to follow the Scotch rather than the French for a change!

Just a few of the locals getting ready to party...

First course was vegetable soup. Very nice too.

Red wine for the beef and white for the fish.

Delicious sole, but I felt more than full by the end of this course! Lucky there is never a rush to move on to the next course at these repas, so eating takes all afternoon!

Yummy cassis sorbet to clear the palate.  Of course there was a choice of alcoholic or not!  No need to ask me which my choice was!

Roast beef and vegetables.

Two of our friends.

Salade fromages.  French bread is of course available through the meal.

Two more friends.

Framboisier dessert.

Myself and one of our neighbours who is also a great friend.

and our neighbour's wife and friend.
Champagne and coffee to follow.
Phew what a fabulous afternoon.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

25/03/2017 A walk around the garden.

Maximum temperature 19C, minimum 6C.  31 kmh NE wind with 44 m/h gusts. Dry.
Broad Bean flowers.


Celandine plus bug,

Cherry blossom.

Dandelion and bee.


Japanese quince.

Daisies, bee and fly.

Daisy and fly.

Plum blossom.


Wild violets. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

24/03/2017 Taking a friend to lunch and a hair cut.

Maximum temperature 16C, minimum -1C.  27km/h NE cold wind. 4 mm of rain measured this morning.  
Anne is one of my blog followers and joined us for lunch today at St Sornin...

Menu for the main course,..

As always it was very busy.

Blue tit on the window sill back home.

The Mairie at Chasseneuil...

Pansies in the garden there

Across the road our favourite pizza restaurant in Chasseneuil...

Two new shops, it used to be a second hand furniture shop, I was sad it closed down....

and finally a trip to my hairdresser.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

23/03/2017 Another wet day!!!

Maximum temperature 10C, minimum 2C.  11km/h SW wind. 10 mm of rain measured this morning.  
First stop this morning was at the Mairie. Taken from the car as are all other photos....

then along a very wet road...

through Massignac....

Lac de Lavaud and a map with local walks (not in this weather!)...

Le Soleil Couchant -a small pub and restaurant where we had our meeting...

Driving back home; another view of Massignac...

and through Montemboeuf before getting home and lighting the wood burner!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

22/03/2017 Looking around at what my neighbours have in their gardens!

Maximum temperature 13C, minimum 2C.  44km/h SW wind. 7 mm of rain measured this morning.  Very cold wind!
Daffodil with a fly. The only insect out today I think!

Grape Hyacinth.

Ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea) a pest!

Plum blossom.

Ribes sanguineum glutinosum.  Pink-Flowered Currant.

Lone tulip.

Neighbouring paddock with sheep.

and back in our house is this Kalachoe.